SoapBindingStyle Enum


Specifies the type of action that occurs in the XML Web service at the level of the class hierarchy to which this enumeration is applied.

public enum class SoapBindingStyle
public enum SoapBindingStyle
type SoapBindingStyle = 
Public Enum SoapBindingStyle


Default 0

The default type of action for the current hierarchical level of the Web Services Description Language (WSDL) file.

Document 1

The message being transmitted is document-oriented.

Rpc 2

The message being transmitted contains the parameters to call a procedure or the return values from that procedure. RPC is an acronym for "remote procedure call."


SoapBinding^ mySoapBinding = gcnew SoapBinding;
mySoapBinding->Transport = "";
mySoapBinding->Style = SoapBindingStyle::Document;

// Add the 'SoapBinding' object to the 'Binding' object.
myBinding->Extensions->Add( mySoapBinding );
SoapBinding mySoapBinding = new SoapBinding();
mySoapBinding.Transport = "";
mySoapBinding.Style = SoapBindingStyle.Document;
// Add the 'SoapBinding' object to the 'Binding' object.
Dim mySoapBinding As New SoapBinding()
mySoapBinding.Transport = ""
mySoapBinding.Style = SoapBindingStyle.Document
' Add the 'SoapBinding' object to the 'Binding' object.


This enumeration allows the user to specify whether the message being transmitted is procedure-oriented or document-oriented. Procedure-oriented messages contain parameters and return values, while document-oriented messages contain documents.

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