AxisType Enum


Specifies the axis type for the X and Y-axes of a Series.

public enum class AxisType
public enum AxisType
type AxisType = 
Public Enum AxisType


Primary 0

Designates an axis as the primary axis.

Secondary 1

Designates an axis as the secondary axis.


The AxisType enumeration represents the axis type used for the X and Y-axes of a Series.

A Series is plotted using two axes, with the exception of pie and doughnut charts. This enumeration is used in conjunction with the XAxisType and YAxisType properties to set the axes used for plotting the associated data points of the Series.

For all charts except for bar, stacked bar, pie and doughnut types, the primary and secondary axes are as follows:

Axis Type Description
Primary X-Axis Bottom horizontal axis.
Secondary X-Axis Top horizontal axis.
Primary Y-Axis Left vertical axis.
Secondary Y-Axis Right vertical axis.

Bar and stacked-bar charts have their axes rotated 90 degrees clockwise. For example, the primary X-axis for these two charts is the left-vertical axis.

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