DataGridView.AccessibilityNotifyCurrentCellChanged(Point) Method


Notifies the accessible client applications when a new cell becomes the current cell.

 virtual void AccessibilityNotifyCurrentCellChanged(System::Drawing::Point cellAddress);
protected virtual void AccessibilityNotifyCurrentCellChanged (System.Drawing.Point cellAddress);
abstract member AccessibilityNotifyCurrentCellChanged : System.Drawing.Point -> unit
override this.AccessibilityNotifyCurrentCellChanged : System.Drawing.Point -> unit
Protected Overridable Sub AccessibilityNotifyCurrentCellChanged (cellAddress As Point)



A Point indicating the row and column indexes of the new current cell.


The value of the X property of cellAddress is less than 0 or greater than the number of columns in the control minus 1.


The value of the Y property of cellAddress is less than 0 or greater than the number of rows in the control minus 1.


This method converts the specified row and column indexes into objectID and childID parameters and calls the AccessibilityNotifyClients(AccessibleEvents, Int32, Int32) method overload twice using the Focus and Selection values of the AccessibleEvents enumeration. The objectID and childID are determined by numbering only the visible rows and columns in their display order, counting the row or column headers if they are visible, and starting with 1. For example, if column headers are visible, the objectID for the first visible nonheader row is 2.

Notes to Inheritors

Override this method when customizing the DataGridView control and modifying how and when the current cell changes. For example, if you create a custom row type that merges multiple cells into single cells and you modify the navigation accordingly, you can override this method to provide accessibility support for your changes.

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