ChartImageFormat Enum


Specifies the image type of the chart.

public enum class ChartImageFormat
public enum ChartImageFormat
type ChartImageFormat = 
Public Enum ChartImageFormat


Bmp 2

A bitmap (BMP) image format.

Emf 5

A Windows Enhanced Metafile (EMF) image format.

EmfDual 6

A Windows Enhanced Metafile Dual (EMF-dual) image format.

EmfPlus 7

A Windows Enhanced Metafile Plus (EMF+) image format.

Gif 4

A GIF image format.

Jpeg 0

A JPEG image format.

Png 1

A PNG image format.

Tiff 3

A TIFF image format.


The ChartImageFormat enumeration represents an image type that is used to save the chart to a file or stream.


Only charts saved to disk can use the EmfDual or EmfDual format. Charts cannot be rendered on a Web page using EMF-dual or EMF+.

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