IDataGridViewEditingCell Interface


Defines common functionality for a cell that allows the manipulation of its value.

public interface class IDataGridViewEditingCell
public interface IDataGridViewEditingCell
type IDataGridViewEditingCell = interface
Public Interface IDataGridViewEditingCell


This interface is implemented by classes such as DataGridViewCheckBoxCell that derive from DataGridViewCell and provide a user interface (UI) for specifying values without hosting an editing control. The UI in this case is displayed regardless of whether the cell is in edit mode.

Other cell types, such as DataGridViewButtonCell, provide a UI but do not store user-specified values. In this case, the cell type does not implement IDataGridViewEditingCell or host an editing control.

Cell types that display an editing control when the cell is in edit mode, such as DataGridViewTextBoxCell, do not implement IDataGridViewEditingCell but instead provide a companion class that implements IDataGridViewEditingControl. For example, DataGridViewTextBoxCell provides a DataGridViewTextBoxEditingControl that derives from the TextBox control and implements IDataGridViewEditingControl. In this case, the cell EditType property is set to a Type object representing the editing control type. For information about implementing IDataGridViewEditingControl, see How to: Host Controls in Windows Forms DataGridView Cells.



Gets or sets the formatted value of the cell.


Gets or sets a value indicating whether the value of the cell has changed.



Retrieves the formatted value of the cell.


Prepares the currently selected cell for editing.

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