ToolStripManagerRenderMode Enum


Specifies the painting style applied to multiple ToolStrip objects contained in a form.

public enum class ToolStripManagerRenderMode
public enum ToolStripManagerRenderMode
type ToolStripManagerRenderMode = 
Public Enum ToolStripManagerRenderMode


Custom 0

Indicates the use of a ToolStripRenderer other than ToolStripProfessionalRenderer or ToolStripSystemRenderer.

Professional 2

Indicates the use of a ToolStripProfessionalRenderer to paint.

System 1

Indicates the use of a ToolStripSystemRenderer to paint.


The ToolStripManagerRenderMode is used by the ToolStripManager class and sets the painting style for ToolStrip objects that have their ToolStrip.RenderMode property set to ToolStripRenderMode.ManagerRenderMode.

You cannot explicitly set the ToolStripManager.RenderMode to Custom. However, ToolStripManager.RenderMode returns Custom when the ToolStripManager.Renderer is set to an extension of the ToolStripRenderer class that is not ToolStripProfessionalRenderer or ToolStripSystemRenderer.

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