FilenameProperty Enum


Identifies the names of the image files that are used to draw a visual style element.

public enum class FilenameProperty
public enum FilenameProperty
type FilenameProperty = 
Public Enum FilenameProperty


GlyphImageFile 3008

The name of the glyph image file.

ImageFile 3001

The name of the background image file.

ImageFile1 3002

The name of the first multiple-image file.

ImageFile2 3003

The name of the second multiple-image file.

ImageFile3 3004

The name of the third multiple-image file.

ImageFile4 3005

The name of the fourth multiple-image file.

ImageFile5 3006

The name of the fifth multiple-image file.

StockImageFile 3007

The name of the stock image file.


The FilenameProperty enumeration represents the names of image files that are used to draw visual style elements. The FilenameProperty values are used as an argument in the VisualStyleRenderer.GetFilename method to specify which file name property to retrieve for the element that the VisualStyleRenderer currently represents.

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