BamlLocalizerError Enum


Specifies error conditions that may be encountered by the BamlLocalizer.

public enum class BamlLocalizerError
public enum BamlLocalizerError
type BamlLocalizerError = 
Public Enum BamlLocalizerError


DuplicateElement 1

The localized BAML contains more than one reference to the same element.

DuplicateUid 0

More than one element has the same Uid value.

IncompleteElementPlaceholder 2

The element's substitution contains incomplete child placeholders.

InvalidCommentingXml 3

XML comments do not have the correct format.

InvalidLocalizationAttributes 4

The localization commenting text contains invalid attributes.

InvalidLocalizationComments 5

The localization commenting text contains invalid comments.

InvalidUid 6

The Uid does not correspond to any element in the BAML source.

MismatchedElements 7

Indicates a mismatch between substitution and source. The substitution must contain all the element placeholders in the source.

SubstitutionAsPlaintext 8

The substitution of an element's content cannot be parsed as XML, therefore any formatting tags in the substitution are not recognized. The substitution is instead applied as plain text.

UidMissingOnChildElement 9

A child element does not have a Uid. As a result, it cannot be represented as a placeholder in the parent's content string.

UnknownFormattingTag 10

A formatting tag in the substitution is not recognized.

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