PackageInterleavingOrder Enum


Provides values that specify the order in which the major parts of a package are streamed.

public enum class PackageInterleavingOrder
public enum PackageInterleavingOrder
type PackageInterleavingOrder = 
Public Enum PackageInterleavingOrder


ImagesLast 3

The streaming order is: resource (other than images), page, document, document sequence, and images.

None 0

The streaming order is specified by the packaging system.

ResourceFirst 1

The streaming order is: resource, page, document, and document sequence.

ResourceLast 2

The streaming order is: document sequence, document, page, and resource.


When you specify ResourceFirst, each dependent object is serialized before the object on which it depends. When you specify ResourceLast, information about how a resource will be used is streamed before the resource. To display text first so that users can read while the images are opening, specify the ImagesLast member.

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