TrackingWorkflowEvent Enum



This API is now obsolete.

Specifies a type of workflow status event.

public enum class TrackingWorkflowEvent
[System.Obsolete("The System.Workflow.* types are deprecated.  Instead, please use the new types from System.Activities.*")]
public enum TrackingWorkflowEvent
type TrackingWorkflowEvent = 
Public Enum TrackingWorkflowEvent


Aborted 10

The workflow instance has aborted.

Changed 11

A workflow change has occurred on the workflow instance.

Completed 1

The workflow instance has completed.

Created 0

The workflow instance has been created.

Exception 8

An unhandled exception has occurred.

Idle 2

The workflow instance is idle.

Loaded 7

The workflow instance has been loaded into memory.

Persisted 5

The workflow instance has been persisted.

Resumed 4

A previously suspended workflow instance has resumed running.

Started 12

The workflow instance has been started.

Suspended 3

The workflow instance has been suspended.

Terminated 9

The workflow instance has been terminated.

Unloaded 6

The workflow instance has been unloaded from memory.



This material discusses types and namespaces that are obsolete. For more information, see Deprecated Types in Windows Workflow Foundation 4.5.

A workflow instance can pass through several states during the course of its execution. For example, a workflow instance may become idle, or it may be suspended. Every time the workflow instance changes state, it emits a workflow status event to the runtime tracking infrastructure. TrackingWorkflowEvent enumerates the possible types of workflow status event.

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