NamespaceDeclaration Class


Declares the identifier and the prefix of a XAML namespace by storing these string values as separate properties.

public ref class NamespaceDeclaration
public class NamespaceDeclaration
type NamespaceDeclaration = class
Public Class NamespaceDeclaration


NamespaceDeclaration represents XAML namespace information as part of a XAML node stream. The NamespaceDeclaration class is a node type that is not truly an object or member; instead, it is a discrete node type.

In the XAML node stream, a NamespaceDeclaration is encountered just prior to the object or member to which that XAML namespace applies.

By convention, the identifier of a XAML namespace resembles a Uniform Resource Identifier (URI). However, the Namespace property of NamespaceDeclaration is of type String. The APIs of .NET Framework XAML Services usually treat XAML namespace identifiers as strings. The relative versus absolute distinctions in the true Uri type are irrelevant for identifying a XAML (or XML) namespace. The URI-as-namespace convention is also typical in XML.

Objects of this type are used as input for the XamlObjectWriter.WriteNamespace method when writing XAML node stream information into an object graph. Objects of this type are used as input for the XamlXmlWriter.WriteNamespace method when writing XAML node stream information as XML for serialization.

A namespace declaration may have a String.Empty value for the prefix. A String.Empty prefix represents a declaration of the default XAML namespace.


NamespaceDeclaration(String, String)

Initializes a new instance of the NamespaceDeclaration class using initial property values.



Gets the identifier component of a NamespaceDeclaration.


Gets the prefix that is used as the XAML namespace mapping prefix for a NamespaceDeclaration.



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