XamlMember.Invoker Property


Gets the XamlMemberInvoker implementation that is associated with this XamlMember.

 property System::Xaml::Schema::XamlMemberInvoker ^ Invoker { System::Xaml::Schema::XamlMemberInvoker ^ get(); };
public System.Xaml.Schema.XamlMemberInvoker Invoker { get; }
member this.Invoker : System.Xaml.Schema.XamlMemberInvoker
Public ReadOnly Property Invoker As XamlMemberInvoker

Property Value


The XamlMemberInvoker implementation that is associated with this XamlMember.


The Invoker pattern is an advanced XAML type system extension technique. The Invoker pattern provides a way to inject different schema type mapping behavior, while still using XAML type system definitions from .NET Framework XAML Services.

If a LookupInvoker override returns null, or if the default implementation returns null because it lacks the UnderlyingMember for this XamlMember, the Invoker property returns XamlMemberInvoker.UnknownInvoker.

XamlMemberInvoker.UnknownInvoker is the default. This is true for most operations that use .NET Framework XAML Services and the default XAML schema context, and where no specific override Invoker patterns are passed for construction of XAML type system entities.

Calling Invoker invokes LookupInvoker or a specific override of that method.

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