XamlMember.LookupDeferringLoader Method


Returns a XamlValueConverter<TConverterBase> object, which is used for deferred loading of XAML declared objects.

 virtual System::Xaml::Schema::XamlValueConverter<System::Xaml::XamlDeferringLoader ^> ^ LookupDeferringLoader();
protected virtual System.Xaml.Schema.XamlValueConverter<System.Xaml.XamlDeferringLoader> LookupDeferringLoader ();
abstract member LookupDeferringLoader : unit -> System.Xaml.Schema.XamlValueConverter<System.Xaml.XamlDeferringLoader>
override this.LookupDeferringLoader : unit -> System.Xaml.Schema.XamlValueConverter<System.Xaml.XamlDeferringLoader>
Protected Overridable Function LookupDeferringLoader () As XamlValueConverter(Of XamlDeferringLoader)



A XamlValueConverter<TConverterBase> that has a XamlDeferringLoader constraint on the generic.


This method is invoked when a caller gets a value from the DeferringLoader property. Override this method if you want DeferringLoader to return a value that differs from the value that is enabled by default internal reflection, and if you are also providing custom XamlMemberInvoker information.

The default implementation returns an object either by reading XamlDeferLoadAttribute or using a XamlDeferringLoader from the declaring type. If neither object is available, this method might return null.

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