XamlMember.LookupTypeConverter Method


Returns a type converter implementation that is associated with this XamlMember.

 virtual System::Xaml::Schema::XamlValueConverter<System::ComponentModel::TypeConverter ^> ^ LookupTypeConverter();
protected virtual System.Xaml.Schema.XamlValueConverter<System.ComponentModel.TypeConverter> LookupTypeConverter ();
abstract member LookupTypeConverter : unit -> System.Xaml.Schema.XamlValueConverter<System.ComponentModel.TypeConverter>
override this.LookupTypeConverter : unit -> System.Xaml.Schema.XamlValueConverter<System.ComponentModel.TypeConverter>
Protected Overridable Function LookupTypeConverter () As XamlValueConverter(Of TypeConverter)



A XamlValueConverter<TConverterBase> instance with TypeConverter constraint; or null.


The default implementation uses the following logic and processing order:

  • If attributing exists at the member level (TypeConverterAttribute), the attribute information is used for a call to GetValueConverter against the XAML schema context.

  • If Type is valid, a type converter that is associated with the type is returned.

  • If the member is an event, an event-specific type converter is returned.

This method is invoked when a caller gets a value from TypeConverter. Override this method if you want to report uniform results for an entire XamlMember derived class, or if you have specialized metadata available to determine this on a per-case basis.

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