XamlMember.Type Property


Gets the XamlType of the type that is used by the member.

 property System::Xaml::XamlType ^ Type { System::Xaml::XamlType ^ get(); };
public System.Xaml.XamlType Type { get; }
member this.Type : System.Xaml.XamlType
Public ReadOnly Property Type As XamlType

Property Value


The XamlType of the type that is used by the member.


Calling Type invokes LookupType or a specific override of that method. This occurs when the initial internal reflection logic has not already set the information.

In the default behavior (no LookupType override), the returned XamlType can have different conceptual meanings. Which meaning applies depends on whether this XamlMember represents a property, method, or event, as the following list shows:

  • For a property, the returned XamlType is the type that sets the property or is returned by the property.

  • For an event, the returned XamlType is the required event handler type (a delegate in a CLR implementation).

  • For a method, XamlType is the return type of that method, which may be null.

In each case, the XAML schema context is used to evaluate the XAML type from the backing type.

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