XamlType.IsUsableDuringInitialization Property


Gets a value that indicates whether this XamlType is built top-down during XAML initialization.

 property bool IsUsableDuringInitialization { bool get(); };
public bool IsUsableDuringInitialization { get; }
member this.IsUsableDuringInitialization : bool
Public ReadOnly Property IsUsableDuringInitialization As Boolean

Property Value


true if this XamlType is built top-down during XAML initialization; otherwise, false. The default is false.


Top-down is a metaphor that approximates XAML processor behavior when creating the object graph. When built top-down, a type is instantiated, attached to the parent, and then has its properties set. Top-down construction avoids invoking property-changed handlers multiple times. Such handling ripples up the object graph and therefore, eliminates the multiple handler calls and provides a performance optimization for startup of the object graph.

If you do not use the default internal CLR reflection technique for a XamlType, calls to this property can invoke LookupUsableDuringInitialization overrides on XamlType derived classes. For more information about return values and other behavior, see the documentation for LookupUsableDuringInitialization on this type.

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