XamlType.ItemType Property


Gets a value that provides the type information for the Items property of this XamlType.

 property System::Xaml::XamlType ^ ItemType { System::Xaml::XamlType ^ get(); };
public System.Xaml.XamlType ItemType { get; }
member this.ItemType : System.Xaml.XamlType
Public ReadOnly Property ItemType As XamlType

Property Value


A XamlType object for the type of the items in the collection; otherwise, null, if this XamlType does not represent a collection.


This property is only relevant if this XamlType represents a collection (IsCollection is true). The Items property is whatever property holds items in that type of collection or array.

If you do not use the default internal CLR reflection technique for a XamlType, calls to this property can invoke LookupItemType overrides on XamlType derived classes. For more information about return values and other behavior, see the documentation for LookupItemType on this type.

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