XamlType.LookupIsNameScope Method


Returns a value that indicates whether this XamlType represents a XAML namescope, as per the XAML definition.

 virtual bool LookupIsNameScope();
protected virtual bool LookupIsNameScope ();
abstract member LookupIsNameScope : unit -> bool
override this.LookupIsNameScope : unit -> bool
Protected Overridable Function LookupIsNameScope () As Boolean



true if this XamlType represents a XAML namescope; otherwise, false.


This method can be invoked by calls to IsNameScope.

The default implementation makes a CanAssignTo call indirectly against the type INameScope. INameScope is an interface that is defined in the assembly WindowsBase.dll. This technique for XAML namescope identification is used both by WPF and Windows Workflow Foundation implementations of XAML.

Override this method if you want IsNameScope to use different logic.

A XAML namescope enforces the name uniqueness of the property or properties that are used for x:Name / [name property]. If IsNameScope is true, then some mechanism for enforcing uniqueness should exist and should evaluate from the perspective of this type owning a XAML namescope. The XAML namescope then extends to the content of the type until another XAML namescope owning type is encountered.

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