SetIteratorResult Enum


Sets iterators for combinations of elements by Union, Intersection, or Difference, which use containment to control two nested iterators. This will return one of the enumeration values from MoveNext().

This API supports the product infrastructure and is not intended to be used directly from your code.

public enum class SetIteratorResult
public enum SetIteratorResult
type SetIteratorResult = 
Public Enum SetIteratorResult


HaveCurrentNode 4

This iterator's Current property is set to the next node in the iteration.

InitRightIterator 1

Initialize right-nested iterator.

NeedLeftNode 2

The next node needs to be fetched from the left-nested iterator.

NeedRightNode 3

The next node needs to be fetched from the right-nested iterator.

NoMoreNodes 0

Iteration is complete; there are no more nodes.

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