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Please bear with us while we rebuild our library of "how to" videos. A side effect of the recent improvements in Business Central is that we have to reproduce our content so that it accurately reflects the product.

In the meantime, we're offering three videos that can help you quickly get up and running.

Title Description
Introduction See how product features are organised, and how to get to various types of tasks and information.
Get started Understand the key first steps when you are trying out Business Central or have recently purchased the product.
Get assistance Know where to go for answers to various types of questions.

You can access the videos in several ways. When you start Business Central for the first time, you can launch the videos from the welcome page that displays. If you're already working in Business Central, you can get to the library from the Business Manager and Accountant Role Centres by choosing the Product Videos tile.


Videos in the library display in a frame that might seem a little small. To make the frame larger, choose the double-ended arrow icon in the upper-right corner. Afterward, videos will display in the larger frame until you make it small again.

You can also view our "how to" videos, plus a lot of other content, on the YouTube channel we created for Business Central. To visit the channel now, click here.

Content that is Coming Soon

Just to mention a few examples, the videos we are updating will show how to:

  • Migrate business data from another finance app into Business Central
  • Set up dimensions so you can track and analyse various documents and entities
  • Connect Business Central with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales
  • Set up approval workflows
  • Use Power BI with Business Central
  • Set up email and send documents directly from Business Central

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