Set Up Suppliers Without ABN for Calculating the Withholding Tax in the Australian Version

Withholding Tax (WHT) is calculated for local suppliers who do not have an Australian Business Number (ABN), as required by tax law.

To set up suppliers without ABN for calculating the withholding tax

  1. Choose the Lightbulb that opens the Tell Me feature. icon, enter Suppliers, and then choose the related link.

  2. Choose the required supplier, and then choose the Edit action.

  3. On the Supplier Card page, make sure the ABN field and the Foreign Vend field are empty.

  4. Choose the OK button.


    The WHT percentage is automatically withheld in accordance with what was specified on the WHT Posting Setup page. The WHT certificate is produced for submission to the supplier. For more information, see Withholding Tax.

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