Creating Contact Persons

You create a contact by setting up a contact card for the person. You can create contact persons from existing contact companies, or you can create independent contact persons.

For example, after meeting with a prospective company, you meet the purchaser. You can create a contact card for this person so communication can be more tailored.

You may also need some publications about your products translated and after some research decide on a freelance translator. You should record this contact as an independent contact person.

By recording as many details as possible about a contact person ensures that all groups at your company can find the relevant information.

The following table describes a sequence of tasks, with links to the topics that describe them.

To See
Provide information about a contact person. Create Contact Persons
Set up an alternate address for a contact. Assign Alternative Addresses
Describe the business relationship of a company contact. Set Up Job Responsibilities on Contacts
Describe the organisational level of your contacts. Set Up Organizational Levels for Contact Persons
Assign mailing groups your contacts Assigning Mailing Groups to a Contact

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