Create a Customer, Vendor, or Bank Account From a Contact

You may want to record some of your existing contacts as customers, vendors, or bank accounts. Creating a customer, vendor, or bank account from a contact enables you use existing data. When you create a customer, vendor, or bank account this way, it is synchronised with the contact. Synchronisation makes information that is common between contacts and customers, vendors, or bank account the same.

Before you can record contacts this way, you must specify a business relation code for customers, vendors, and bank accounts in the Marketing Setup window. If you will be recording contacts as bank accounts, you must also specify numbers series for bank accounts in the General Ledger Setup window.

To create a contact as a customer, vendor, or bank account

  1. Choose the Search for Page or Report icon, enter Contacts, and then choose the related link.
  2. Select the contact you want to create as a customer, vendor, or bank account.
  3. Choose the Create As action, and then choose either Customer, Vendor, or Bank.
  4. Confirm the subsequent message.

The contact information is transferred from the Contact card to the Bank Account card, the Customer card, or the Vendor card. You may want to add specific information to each of the cards, such as invoicing and payment details.

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