Getting Ready for Doing Business

Congratulations, you have just initiated your first company in Business Central.

To help you get ready for doing business, you can visit the Business Assistance window where you can launch assisted setup guides, videos, or help topics for selected setup tasks. You access the window from the chart on the Business Manager Role Center by choosing the Business Assistance drop-down, and then choosing the Show Setup and Help Resources action. When you refresh the page, the chart is replaced with the setup and help resources.

On the Role Centre, in the navigation bar at the top, you will find the Setup and Extensions menu. Here you have access to a list of assisted setup that can help you get started. Once you have migrated data such as vendors, customers, and items from your existing financial system, you are ready to begin. But depending on your needs, consider if the other assisted setup can help you. If an area is not covered by an assisted setup, choose the Manual Setup action to access setup windows where you can fill in setup fields for all areas manually. For more information, see also Setting Up Business Central.


The list of setup guides, extensions, and services that are available differ depending on the user experience you choose for your company. The Basic experience gives access to fewer than the Essential experience does. The first time you sign in, you use the Basic experience. For more information, see Changing Which Features are Displayed.

In the Assisted Setup window, you will find the following with the Basic experience:

Assisted Setup Description
Set Up Your Company Creates a new trial company for you to enter data and try our Business Central. If you went through the Getting Started tour this is probably already Completed.
Migrate Business Data Lets you import your existing company data such as vendors, customers, and items from Excel or Quickbooks.
Set Up Sales Tax Gets you started with default Tax groups and assigning Tax area codes that you can assign to customers and vendors in order to automatically calculate sales tax in sales or purchase documents.
Set Up Email Gets you ready for sending email messages directly from, for example, sales orders or contacts in Business Central.
Set Up Office Add-Ins Sets up the ability to use and launch Business Central from Outlook.
Set Up Approval Workflow Sets up the ability to automatically notify an approver when a user tries to create or change certain values on documents, journal lines, or cards, such as an amount above a specified limit.
Set Up Email Logging Sets up the capability to log email correspondence in Business Central to follow up on interactions.
Set Up the Business Central Connector Sets up a connection to Dynamics 365 for Sales which allows you to synchronise data such as contacts and sales order information.

When you have run an assisted setup, it is marked as Completed. To run the assisted setup, you choose the three dots also called the context menu, and then you select Start Setup.

Role Centre

On the Role Centre, you have an overview of the business. To the left you see a navigation bar that gives you easy access to customers, vendors, items, and so on. In the centre you find the Activities tiles. Activities show current data and can be clicked or tapped for easy access to the selected document. The Key Performance Indicators can be set up to display a selected chart for a visual representation of, for example, cash flow or income and expenses. You can also build up a list of Favourite Customers on the Role Centre for accounts that you do business with often or need to pay special attention to. Use the arrows to collapse part of the page and make more room to show specific data. At the top of the Role Centre you will find all of the actions that can be applied to the current content. This too can be collapsed and you only need to click or tap within the collapsed area to view it again.


You can get back to the Role Centre by selecting the company name in the upper left corner.

Company Information

Under Company Settings you can view and edit setup information about the current company, much of this was prefilled if you completed the Set Up Company assisted setup when signing up for Business Central. If you want to change the company logo, contact information, bank settings, or tax information, you can do it from this window.

Adding Users and Permissions

If you need to add more users, this is done from Office 365 Admin Centre. For more information, see Add Users to Office 365 for business. Once users are created in Office 365, they can be imported into the Users window by using the Get Users from Office 365 action. You can then proceed to assign permissions to users and to organise them in user groups. For more information, see Manage Users and Permissions.

Getting Help

In Business Central you will find tooltips that can help guide you through the various business processes. In each tooltip you will find a link called Get Help that takes you to product Help. The question mark in the upper right corner also points you to product Help.

Next Steps

Based on your migrated data, you can now proceed to create new sales or purchase documents. Use the My Company section of your Home page to quickly create a new sales quote, sales invoice, sales order, purchase invoice, or payment registration.

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