Set Up a Coloured Indicator on Cues

You can set up Cues that appear on the Home page to include an indicator that changes colour based on the data values in the Cues.

The indicator appears as a coloured bar along the top border of the Cue tile. It provides a visual signal of the status of the Cue's activity, which can indicate favorable or unfavorable conditions to prompt the user to take action. For example, if a Cue displays ongoing sales invoices, you can set up the indicator to appear green (favorable) when total number of ongoing sales invoices is below 10, and appears red (unfavorable) when the total is greater than 20.

From the Cue Setup window, you set up indicators for all the Cues that are available in the company database.

To set up the indicator, you specify up to two threshold values that define three ranges of data values (low, middle, and high) to which you can apply a different colour (or style).

To set up coloured indicators on Cues

  1. Under Activities on your Home page, choose Set Up Cues.
    The Cue Setup window appears. The window lists the indicators that are currently setup up on Cues.
  2. To modify an indicator, edit the fields and modify, for example, the values for the different thresholds.

The following table lists the colors that correspond to the options of the Low Range Style, Middle Range Style, and High Range Style fields.

Option Colour
None No colour (same colour as the Cue tile)
Favorable Green
Unfavorable Red
Ambiguous Yellow
Subordinate Grey

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