Searching for a Page or Report

You can find pages and reports by choosing the Search for Page or Report icon in the top right corner of the address bar. Look for this icon:

Search for Page or Report

When you start typing characters, a drop-down list shows page names containing the character(s) you type. The drop-down list changes as you type more characters, and you can select the correct page from the list when it is displayed. The second column in the drop-down list shows the navigation paths to the found pages. There is also a link that enables you to search the help for the characters that you typed.


The available pages and reports depend on the user experience you choose for your company. The Basic experience gives access to fewer than the Essential experience does. The first time you sign in, you use the Basic experience. For more information, see Customising Your Business Central Experience.


The Search for Page or Report function does not search through data, such as customer names, addresses, or transactions. Instead, you can search for data in list pages by choosing the magnifier symbol in the right corner of the list header. The search applies only to the list you are viewing. For more information, see Entering Criteria in Filters.

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