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To help you get started quickly, we're building up a library of "how to" videos that illustrate how to complete various processes in Dynamics 365. Just to mention a few examples, the library contains videos that show how to:

  • Migrate business data from another finance app into Dynamics 365
  • Set up dimensions so you can track and analyse various documents and entities
  • Connect Dynamics 365 with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales
  • Set up approval workflows
  • Use Power BI with Dynamics 365
  • Set up email and send documents directly from Dynamics 365

You can access the videos in several ways. If you're already working in Dynamics 365, there are two ways to get to the library:

  • From the Business Manager and Accountant Role Centers by choosing the Product Videos tile.
  • From the Business Manager Role Center, by choosing Business Assistance, and then Show Setup and Help Resources.


Videos in the library display in a frame that might seem a little small. To make the frame larger, choose the double-ended arrow icon in the upper-right of the frame. Afterward, videos will display in the larger frame until you make it small again.

In addition to videos, Business Assistance includes resources such as links to topics and assisted setup guides that make it easier to set things up. These resources replace the chart on the Role Centre. After you explore the resources, you can switch back to the chart in the Business Assistance menu by choosing Show Chart.

You can view our "how to" videos, plus a lot of other content, on the YouTube channel we created for Microsoft Dynamics 365. To visit the channel now, click here.

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