How to: Work with Bills of Material


The current version of Financials only contains the first part of the Assembly Management feature. For now, you can only create assembly BOMs and then handle the related parent items as normal inventory items. In a future update, you can manage the actual assembly of items from components, either in assemble-to-stock or assemble-to-order flows, and you can sell components as kits.

You use bills of materials (BOMs) to structure parent items that you sell as kits consisting of the parent's components or that you assemble to order or to stock.

In Financials, a bill of materials is referred to as an "assembly BOM". Assembly BOMs specify which components are contained in parent items. In this documentation, a parent item is referred to as an "assembly item".

Assembly BOMs usually contain items but can also contain one or more resources that are required to put the assembly item together.

Assembly BOMs can have multiple levels, which means that a component on the assembly BOM can be an assembly item itself. In that case, the Assembly BOM field on the assembly BOM line contains Yes.

Special requirements apply to items on assembly BOMs with regards to availability. For more information, see the "To see the availability of an item by its use in assembly BOMs" section in How to: View the Availability of Items.


This functionality requires that your experience is set to Suite. For more information, see Customizing Your Financials Experience.

To create an assembly BOM

To define a parent item that consists of other items, and potentially of resources required to put the parent together, you must create an assembly BOM.

There are two parts to creating an assembly BOM:

  • Setting up a new item
  • Defining the BOM structure of the assembly item.
  1. Set up a new item. For more information, see How to: Register New Items.

    Proceed to enter components or resources on the assembly BOM.

  2. In the Item Card window for an assembly item, choose the Assembly action, and then choose the Assembly BOM action.
  3. In the Assembly BOM window, fill in the fields as necessary. Choose a field to read a short description of the field or link to more information.

To view the components of an assembly item indented according to the BOM structure

From the Assembly BOM window, you can open a separate window that shows the components and any resources indented according to their BOM position under the assembly item.

  1. Choose the Search for Page or Report icon, enter Items, and then choose the related link.
  2. Open the card for an assembly item. (The Assembly BOM field in the Items window contains Yes.)
  3. In the Item Card window, choose the Assembly action, and then choose the Assembly BOM action.
  4. In the Assembly BOM window, choose the Show BOM action.

To buy, sell, or transfer assembly items

Because the current version of Financials only contains the ability to define and assign assembly BOMs to items, you can handle assembly items on document lines as normal items only.

Caution: The inventory quantity of BOM components will not be adjusted if you do so.

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