Unsubscribe, Remove, or Reset Financials

When you have signed up for Financials, you can choose to cancel your subscription at any time. Similarly, you can choose to reset the company that you can been using in Financials. For a quick overview, see the Financials blog.

Unsubscribing by removing Financials from your Office 365 experience

If you have subscribed for Financials using an existing Office 365 business account, you must ask your Office 365 administrator to remove the Financials licence from your user account.
User accounts and licenses are managed in the Office Portal. Only administrators can remove Financials licenses from user accounts. The Office 365 administrator can remove Financials from your user account or remove the subscription from your company's account. If Financials is removed from your user account, and other people from your company continue the subscription, they will still have access to your shared data in the Financials company.

Unsubscribing from Financials without Office 365

If you signed up for Financials using a non-Office 365 business account, you do not have an Office 365 administrator. Instead, you must unsubscribe by contacting the Financials Cancelation team. Currently, you must contact the team by sending an email message at cancel-madeira@microsoft.com. You must include the name of your Financials tenant in the message so that we can identify you. The easiest way to do that is to copy the URL from your Financials Home page.

Resetting your Financials experience

If you have added data to your Financials preview and you want to start over with a fresh experience, you can create a new company and then reset the first company. If you open the Companies page, you can create a copy of your current company, sign out and then sign into your new company, and then reset the original company.


When you reset a company that you are sharing with other people from your organisation, you must make sure other people are not logged in when you reset the company.

Removing Financials from your app launcher

If you want to hide Financials from your app launcher, you can quite simply unpin it. This does not remove any data, and it does not cancel your subscription.

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