Creating Contact Persons

You create a contact by setting up a contact card for the person. You can create contact persons from existing contact companies, or you can create independent contact persons.

For example, after meeting with a prospective company, you meet the purchaser. You can create a contact card for this person so communication can be more tailored.

You may also need some publications about your products translated and after some research decide on a freelance translator. You should record this contact as an independent contact person.

By recording as many details as possible about a contact person ensures that all groups at your company can find the relevant information.

The following table describes a sequence of tasks, with links to the topics that describe them.

To See
Provide information about a contact person. How to: Create Contact Persons
Set up an alternate address for a contact. How to: Assign Alternative Addresses
Describe the business relationship of a company contact. How to: Set Up Job Responsibilities on Contacts
Describe the organisational level of your contacts. How to: Set Up Organizational Levels for Contact Persons
Assign mailing groups your contacts Assigning Mailing Groups to a Contact

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