Work With Cheques

You can issue electronic and manual checks in Finance and Operations, Business edition. Both methods use the payment journal to issue cheques to vendors. You can also void cheques and view cheque ledger entries.

The process of issuing cheques suggests payments, creates ledger entries, and prints the computer cheques.


To make sure that your bank only clears validated cheques and amounts, you can send them a file that contains vendor, cheque, and payment information. For more information, see Export a Positive Pay file.

Your printer must be correctly set up with the cheque forms, and you must define which cheque layout to use. For more information, see Define Cheque Layouts

To issue cheques

  1. Choose the Search for Page or Report icon, enter Payment Journals, and then choose the related link.
  2. Fill in the journal with relevant payments, for example by using the Suggest Vendor Payments function. For more information, see Suggest Vendor Payments.
  3. In the Bank Payment Type field on journal lines for payment that you want to make with cheques, select one of the following options:

    • Computer Cheque: Select this option if you want to print a cheque for the amount on the payment journal line. You must print the cheques before you can post the journal lines. You can only select Computer Cheque if the Bal. Account Type or the Account Type is Bank Account.
    • Manual Cheque: Select this option if you have created a cheque manually and want to create a corresponding cheque ledger entry for this amount. By using this option, you cannot print checks from Finance and Operations, Business edition. You can only select Manual Cheque if the Bal. Account Type or the Account Type is Bank Account.


      You must print computer checks before you post the related journal lines.

  4. In case of computer cheques, choose Print Cheque.
  5. In the Check window, fill in the fields as necessary. Choose a field to read a short description of the field or link to more information.
  6. Choose the Print button.


If you want to print cheques in more than one currency from different bank accounts, you must run the Print Cheque batch job separately for each currency and specify the appropriate bank account.

To cancel printed cheques that are not posted

You can cancel non-posted cheques after they have been printed by using the Void Cheque action in the Payment Journal window.

  1. In the Payment Journal window, choose the Void Cheque, and then choose which cheques to cancel.

To void cheques

When cheque payment have been posted, you can only cancel (void) cheques from the resulting bank ledger entries.

  1. Choose the Search for Page or Report icon, enter Bank Accounts, and then choose the related link.
  2. Select the relevant bank account, choose the Edit action, and then choose the Cheque Ledger Entries action.
  3. In the Cheque Ledger Entries window, choose the Void Cheque action.
  4. Select the Void Cheque Only check box.
  5. Choose the OK button.

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