General Business Functionality

Financials provides dedicated functionality for typical business areas, such as finance and sales. And to support your business area-specific tasks, you can use a variety of general business functionality, such as Number Series and Extensions, which is available across these areas.

The following table lists these general business areas with links to topics that describe them.

To See
Assign unique identification codes to records, such as general ledger accounts, customer and vendor accounts, invoices, and documents. A well-designed numbering system also makes the company more manageable and easy to analyse and can reduce the number of errors that occur in data entry. Creating Number Series
Set up standard text codes so you can extend standard text by adding extra lines, and set up conditions for use of the extra lines. How to: Define Extended Text
Change Financials by installing extensions that add functionality, changes behavior, or gives you access to new online services. Customizing Financials Using Extensions
Learn how to work with general journals, which are used to post to general ledger accounts and other accounts such as bank, customer, vendor, and fixed assets accounts. Managing General Journals
Communicate the contents of business documents quickly to your business partners, such as the payment information on sales documents to customers. How to: Send Documents by Email
Allocate an entry in a general journal to several different accounts when you post the journal. How to: Allocate Costs and Income
Schedule a report to run at a specific date and time. Schedule a report to run
Manage different types of report layouts. Managing Report Layouts
Request and grant approval to create or change certain documents and cards. Use Approval Workflows
Record external documents in Financials, including their file attachments, and then manually create the related documents or automatically convert the files to electronic documents. Manage Incoming Documents

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