About User Groups

Australia has a number of vibrant, active communities of developers, IT Professionals and enthusiasts. Many of these communities meet on a regular basis around the country and Microsoft is proud to support the efforts of these communities to educate, entertain and help others reach their potential.



Why should I attend a User Group?


Microsoft Regional Directors are active members of these communities; this is what they have to say about the Australian user groups

Dr. Greg Low, Regional Director

“The thing I love about user groups is that I never know in advance what I’ll learn or who I’ll meet at each event. There is a topic of course but I always tend to learn something new every time. Often this is unrelated to the specific topic but more to how the presenter or others in the room work or code. I also meet some truly interesting people, many of whom have become long-term friends or colleagues.”

Adam Cogan, Regional Director

Adam Cogan, Regional Director “User groups are a great way to see future technologies, network with IT professionals and keep up at the cutting edge. It's a great chance to learn something new in a relaxed, fun environment. At SSW’s and many other user groups, we get national and international guest speakers every few months for free. What could be better?”

Dr. Neil Roodyn, Regional Director

“The user groups in Australia totally rock! They are some the most engaged groups in the world, the regular high level of attendance and support provided by the community for the community constantly amazes me. If you have not visited your local user group you are missing out on an experience to learn, solve issues and make new friends.”