Git and Azure Repos

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Host and manage your code in Git version control with Azure DevOps Services and Team Foundation Server. Use version control to save your work and coordinate code changes across your team. Even if you're just a single developer, version control helps you stay organized as you fix bugs and develop new features. Version control keeps a history of your development so that you can review and even rollback to any version of your code with ease.

New to Git? Learn more about how Git and Azure Repos can help your team ship great code, and learn how we use Git at Microsoft.

Get started

Use your favorite IDE with Azure Repos and Git

Connect your favorite development environment to Azure DevOps Services to access your repos and manage your work. Azure DevOps Services IDE integrations are available for Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code, Eclipse, and IntelliJ.

New to Git? Learn how to share code with Git and Azure Repos with the following getting started guides:

Git tutorial

Get up and running with Git and Azure Repos in just a few minutes with the Azure Repos Git quick start.

The Azure Repos Git tutorial walks you through Git tasks like creating repos, working in branches, saving your work, and sharing your changes. Every task is presented step-by-step in Visual Studio or from the command line.

Azure Repos Git tutorial workflow

Authenticate with your repos

Connect to Azure DevOps Services from anywhere

You can authenticate with your Azure Repos/TFS Git repo from any platform using cross-platform credential managers or SSH public key authentication.

If you have code ready to share in Azure Repos, our getting started guides take you through the steps to connect your development environment to a Git repo in Azure Repos and share your code with your team.

Manage your repos

Manage your repos and customize your team's workflow. Set up permissions to control access to your code and set up branch policies and continuous integration to prevent build breaks and catch bugs sooner.

Manage your code and repos from the web

Review code