Create a VM from a generalized image version using the Azure CLI

Create a VM from a generalized image version stored in a Shared Image Gallery. If you want to create a VM using a specialized image, see Create a VM from a specialized image.

Get the image ID

List the image definitions in a gallery using az sig image-definition list to see the name and ID of the definitions.

az sig image-definition list --resource-group $resourceGroup --gallery-name $gallery --query "[].[name, id]" --output tsv

Create the VM

Create a VM using az vm create. To use the latest version of the image, set --image to the ID of the image definition.

Replace resource names as needed in this example.

imgDef="/subscriptions/<subscription ID where the gallery is located>/resourceGroups/myGalleryRG/providers/Microsoft.Compute/galleries/myGallery/images/myImageDefinition"

az group create --name $vmResourceGroup --location $location

az vm create\
   --resource-group $vmResourceGroup \
   --name $vmName \
   --image $imgDef \
   --admin-username $adminUsername \

You can also use a specific version by using the image version ID for the --image parameter. For example, to use image version 1.0.0 type: --image "/subscriptions/<subscription ID where the gallery is located>/resourceGroups/myGalleryRG/providers/Microsoft.Compute/galleries/myGallery/images/myImageDefinition/versions/1.0.0".

Next steps

Azure Image Builder (preview) can help automate image version creation, you can even use it to update and create a new image version from an existing image version.