Dashboard reference

The Customer Service Insights dashboards contain a variety of charts that show you key performance indicators for your customer service system, give you graphical views of the trends and breakdowns in your system's support cases, and use artificial intelligence technology to highlight support cases that are having the greatest impact on the system.

You can display KPI summary, New cases, Customer satisfaction, and Resolutions dashboards by selecting each dashboard's icon in the navigation pane. The KPI summary dashboard is the default Customer Service Insights dashboard.

You can display the Topic details dashboard by right-clicking a topic in one of the AI Insights charts in those dashboards, hovering over Drillthrough, and then selecting Topic drillthrough.

Customer Service Insights also includes a Topics page. Customer Service Insights uses artificial intelligence technology to group related support cases as topics and display them on the Topics page in order of the number of cases associated with each topic.

Note: The Topics page is not available in the sample environment. To make the Topics page available, create your own Customer Service Insights environment.

Once you have connected to your customer service data by creating an environment, you can display the Topics page by selecting Topics in the navigation pane. For information on working with the Topics page, see Manage and improve artificial intelligence grouping of support cases as topics.