Extending Business Central

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is a business management solution that helps companies connect their financials, sales, service, and operations to streamline business processes, improve customer interactions, and make better decisions. Business Central is available in the cloud and to users across various multiple types of devices, which is always up-to-date. With this modern business platform you can easily and quickly tailor, extend, and build applications so they fit your specific needs — with little to no code development.

There are plenty of benefits of using Business Central as a platform for App builders, which includes:

  • Get started with confidence through a seamless onboarding experience
  • Use Microsoft’s Go-To-Market services
  • Customize your app listing page
  • Connect directly with decision-makers and reach more customers
  • Enhance business value and increase deal size with existing and new customers
  • Achieve more with a platform that delivers a modern experience and offers scale
  • Get actionable insights on the performance of your listings via the Cloud Partner Portal or the Office app publishing process
  • Bundle with intelligent business apps such as PowerApps, Flow, Power BI, Azure AI, and many more

Bring your Business Central services to Microsoft AppSource as:

Individual Apps – where you bring your industry expertise to market.
Packaged Consulting Services – where you bring ready-made packaged engagements to market.

The new development tools enable to you to build extensions for Business Central users. If you want to familiarize yourself with the new tools or learn about extensions 2.0, have a look at aka.ms/GetStartedWithApps.

Find information on apps and consulting services that are currently available on Microsoft AppSource.

To help business users get started quickly, Microsoft has added a catalogue of consulting services offerings for solutions based on Business Central, Power BI, and PowerApps to AppSource. Learn more about the Consulting Services.

Choosing which Services to Offer with Business Central

Integrate a 3rd Party Solution

Business Central exposes many ready-to-use APIs for Connect apps to make a seamless integration between your service and Business Central. You can bundle your services with a Business Central and give your customers an integrated experience. Learn more about Integrating a 3rd Party Solution.

Development of a Vertical Solution

Create an app that is specialized within a specific industry. With Embed app, you can extend and customize the existing Business Central application and enrich the end-user experience with an industry specific functionality using the new and modern development tools and Extensions version 2.0. Learn more about the Development of a Vertical Solution.

Development of a Horizontal Solution

Extend the experience and capability of Business Central by creating an Add-on app which integrates into user experience of Business Central. Build an interface based on how you want your data to flow between Business Central and your services. Learn more about the Development of a Horizontal Solution.

Development of a Localization Solution

Comply with local regulatory capabilities by developing for Business Central, which adapts functional areas to the requirements of the local market along with Dynamics 365 Translation Service. Align the core capabilities of local legal requirement and extend existing functionality to successfully compete on your local market. Learn more about the Development of a Localization Solution.

Reseller Solution

Since every business is unique, with Customizing Tenants, you can match how you work with your streamlined processes, your terminology, and how your employees or departments connect and collaborate. Additionally, you can choose to resell and adjust Business Central to the individual needs of your customers by providing Consulting Services. Or, use Microsoft Flow, Power Apps, and Power BI to create Customized Workflows, apps and business insight reports without having to write any code. Learn more about Dynamics 365 Reseller (VARs).

Where Do I Learn more?

To learn more about the Microsoft AppSource consulting services offerings, see the following links:

AppSource Consulting Offerings
Partner Eligibility
Partner Nomination Form

The Ready to Go Program

The Ready to Go program is designed to support you in bringing your Business Central offering into Microsoft Appsource. The program includes:

Learn more on how you can build a Business Central offering in the Ready to Go program details. If you have questions or feedback about the Ready to Go program offering, you can contact us.

Business Central Extensions Provided by Microsoft

The standard version of the product includes an increasing number of extensions developed by Microsoft. For more information, see Customizing Business Central Using Extensions.

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