Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement

This document provides important information about these product versions:

  • Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement apps version 9.0
  • Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement apps version 9.0.1
  • Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement apps version 9.0.2
  • Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement apps version 9.0.2 (on-premises)

You'll also find information about known issues and possible workarounds.

Dynamics 365 Channel Integration Framework

  • Channel Integration Framework (CIF) does not support Internet Explorer and Firefox browsers. Channel Integration Framework currently supports Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome web browsers.

  • By default, microphone and speaker access is blocked by the browser policy for the voice and video channel. You need to change the settings to enable microphone and speaker access.

  • It is not possible for users to work with quick create, task flows and Channel Integration Framework(CIF) panel in parallel. This is because quick create and task flows when expanded will overlay on the CIF panel.

  • When you specify the EntityLogicalName to pre-populate the search string in the renderSearchPage API, the list provides records from all the entities that matches the search criteria rather displaying the records from particular entity type.

Transport Layer Security (TLS) Requirements

Starting with Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement apps version 9.0, connections to Customer Engagement applications are required to use TLS 1.2 (or later) security protocols. This aligns with updated Microsoft and industry security policies and best practices. To prevent any disruption to your organization, you might be required to take the following actions to maintain the connectivity to Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement applications.

  1. Use supported browsers to access the Microsoft Dynamics 365 web application. For help identifying if a browser supports the TLS 1.2 requirement, go to this validation test page.

  2. Recompile your custom Windows clients that were built using the .NET Framework 4.5.2 to use the .NET Framework 4.6.2 or later.

  3. Download and update Dynamics 365 for Outlook to version 8.2.3.

  4. Download the latest version of developer tools from NuGet.

  5. Download and update Unified Service Desk to the latest version (versions 3.1, 3.2, and 3.3 are TLS 1.2 compliant). If you want to continue to use older versions of Unified Service Desk, you must update the client desktop’s registry entries.

Please refer to the following information to help identify whether you are impacted and what steps you might need to take:

  1. Blog announcement on connection security requirement

  2. Technical support documentation with additional information

  3. Product documentation:

    1. Supported Extensions

    2. Web application requirements

Note If your organization is impacted by this requirement, you must take the necessary steps to upgrade to TLS 1.2 prior to scheduling your instance update.

Sales and Customer Service web client apps

  • Core Marketing:

    • Activities aren't created after the campaign activity is distributed.

    • Unable to add members in a locked marketing list by selecting Add using advanced find.

    • Unable to create a dynamic marketing list.

    • Unable to add members in a marketing list by selecting Add using advanced find.

    • Occasionally unable to unsubscribe an account, contact, or lead from the campaign activity.

  • Suggestions aren't available on the Product subgrid in Quote, Order, or Invoice forms.

  • Unable to create a new data source entity when there are spaces in the entity's name.

  • The campaign response form doesn't load, so it can't be converted to a lead.

  • Unable to convert a campaign response to a lead.

  • Unable to open a Campaign Activity page to unsubscribe an account, contact, or lead, or to update a campaign.

  • Unable to add a custom view as a subcomponent for the Account entity in a solution.

  • Pricing error notifications aren't displayed on the Quote Order Invoice detail forms.

  • Unable to Add Quote from an opportunity form for products that are read-only.

  • The Save & Close command for a Price List Item displays an error and doesn't close the window properly.

  • In organizations using languages other than English, an unexpected error occurs while trying to assign a security role to a newly created user.

  • The relationship assistant control is not supported for custom dashboards.

  • Knowledge Articles are displayed unformatted when Relevance Search is enabled.

  • In order for the entity name to work with Customer Service embedded knowledge search, the maximum entity name length, including the publisher prefix, can’t exceed 24 characters.

  • Knowledge Articles creation and authoring is not supported on the web client, and is supported only in the Unified Interface. When you click the out-of-the-box Knowledge Article node in the Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement custom web app sitemap, the page auto refreshes and redirects to the default landing page after seven seconds. Knowledge Articles open in a new tab in the Customer Service Hub application. Please see the new tab in your browser for accessing, creating, and managing your Knowledge articles with enhanced capabilities. If the new tab does not open automatically, check your browser’s settings to allow pop-ups. Also, check your security role privilege for accessing the Customer Service Hub application.

Sales Hub and Customer Service Hub apps

For best performance, the following table shows the recommended app to use in the browser or on mobile devices for each scenario. 

Service Unified Interface app in a browser Unified Interface app on mobile Web client in a browser
Sales Sales Hub Sales Hub
Customer Service – Knowledge management scenarios Customer Service Hub Customer Service Hub
Customer Service – Case management scenarios Customer Service Hub Customer Service Hub


Sales Hub app on Dynamics 365 for tablets and Dynamics 365 for phones

  • An error is displayed on iPads whenever a user tries to add a product to an opportunity. The workaround is to dismiss the error.

  • The command bar action of a subgrid that has no title (Opportunity product, Opportunity Quotes) appears as an ellipsis above the grid but isn't aligned correctly.

  • Web resources aren't rendered on the dashboards.

  • Web resources and IFrame tags aren't displayed with the height and width they're allocated in the mobile app configuration.

  • The Quote command bar is missing icons.

  • Opportunity Product Quick Create opens in a new window instead of through a sliding dialog box.

  • A few activity-specific commands aren't available from the activity entity grids. They're available in all other places, such as forms.

  • On mobile devices, email is read-only on the Sales Hub.

  • Links in the body of an email aren't selectable.

  • SLA entity does not support DELETE HTTP method.

Customer Service Hub app on Dynamics 365 for tablets and Dynamics 365 for phones

  • Forms

    • When you install the Community portal, the Read-only in Mobile metadata flag is enabled for the Case entity. This results in the Case entity being read-only in the Customer Service Hub. The workaround is to go to entity customizations and clear the Read-only in mobile check box in the Case entity metadata. Then, select Save and Publish all customizations.

    • Phone to case process: The Find Case option on the Identify stage isn't available for update for an existing case.

    • On mobile devices, email is read-only on the Customer Service Hub.

    • Links in the body of an email aren't selectable.

    • When you have too many subgrids on your form, Customer Service Hub has performance issues in Internet Explorer 11. As a workaround, you can reduce the number of subgrids on the first page/tab.

    • Quick forms with multiple lines of text occupy a large amount of vertical space on the Reference Panel section in forms. Scroll downwards to see more fields.

    • In the Knowledge Article form summary section, related articles and products will not open within the subgrid if the related section is loaded as a list. To work around this issue, reduce the screen resolution to load the related section as a grid instead of a list.

  • Other

    • Some organizations might see duplicate views for All Accounts on the Account homepage grid and for All Contacts for the Contact homepage grid. For organizations updating or signing up to the latest version, the redundant pair of views display as 'All Accounts (not available)' and 'All Contacts (not available)'. Updating organizations will also find these views in a deactivated state, provided they are not customized. The guidance is not to use them, even though they continue to be fully supported.

    • When a record is selected from the Queues entity grid and Pick or Release command actions are performed on an iPad, it results in displaying an empty dialog box. This issue is not observed on a web browser.

    • When an opened article is closed in the KB search control, recent cases and entitlements are opened instead of the KB search control.

    • Only the first keyword added to a Knowledge Article returns results in a quick find search.

    • A subject associated with any Knowledge Article cannot be deleted.

Customer Service Hub (Internet Explorer 11 only)

  • The Calendar control for date-time fields doesn’t load for forms. The user will have to manually enter the date in the applicable format.

  • When viewing information in tile view mode on the Tier 1 dashboard, the full set of records for the title is not displayed in the records flyout. Users will have to switch to stream view to see all records.

  • When interacting with the look-up control on forms or dialogs, selecting the scroll bar causes the look-up control to close. Users can either use the scroll button of the mouse or use the keyboard Up and Down arrow keys to see the full set of records.

  • In Knowledge Articles, the Title, Description and Keywords text boxes are misaligned.

Sales (professional license)

  • After the purchase of professional licenses for Dynamics 365 for Sales, the admin will not see a Sales Professional option while configuring the instance under Which scenario fits best. Instead, the admin must select None.

  • After the instance has been configured, a licensed admin must go to the Admin Center, select the instance just created, select Solutions, and install Dynamics 365 for Sales, Professional.

  • The professional license app access option is not available as a security role. Before the licensed users can access the app, the admin must give them the Sales, Enterprise app access security role.

App modules and the app designer

  • The app module URL suffix provides a friendly URL for the app module in the form <server url>/apps/sales. Admins can set this URL suffix for their organization to provide their users a friendly URL. However, this URL suffix can't be exported or imported via solutions at this time.

  • In some versions of the Firefox browser, the check boxes on the Create App page in the app designer don't appear.

  • Any change in the name of a chart or dashboard made through corresponding editors launched from the app designer, will be reflected in the app designer only after refresh.

  • The Custom Business Process Flow entity that is created for a custom business process flow might not get automatically added to the app designer canvas when the business process flow is added to the app module.

  • In the app designer, the option to set App for Outlook Dashboard as your default dashboard is available for all Unified Interface apps, but the dashboard is only supported for Dynamics 365 App for Outlook. If you select this dashboard for another app, the dashboard will not load and users will see a blank screen or error message.

View designer

  • When the view designer is opened, sample data from several columns overlap intermittently.

  • When filters are ungrouped, the order of the filters isn't persisted.

Data visualization

Dashboards in Unified Interface

  • Users will experience some right-to-left issues, such as the dashboard picker and label not being properly aligned.

  • On a Windows 10 phone or Internet Explorer, users will experience problems on the dashboard because this device and browser aren't supported.

Interactive dashboards in Unified Interface

  • Interactive dashboards aren't supported in offline mode.

Charts in Unified Interface

  • Charts show the message "Loading" when the user doesn't have Read permissions for the chart's underlying entity.

  • On devices, a pie chart with too many slices might not show all data indexes.

  • On iOS devices, a chart might look blurred in expand mode.

  • On phone devices, the chart overlaps the records available in a grid after you close the expanded view for the grid page.

  • On some grids, the Show Chart button shows an empty chart selector because no chart exists for the underlying entity.

  • Users will experience some right-to-left issues on charts, such as tooltips not showing up.

Subject tree control

  • To select a value for the subject attribute on a form or on the Convert-to dialogs, select the space that displays the subject value. Selecting the down arrow of the Subject tree control does not launch the subject flyout.

Timeline control

  • Trying to enable Show Filter Pane in the configuration property of the Timeline control in a dashboard shows the message "An unexpected error occurred." This is a transient problem; the workaround is to close the dashboard editor and refresh the page.

  • In certain resolutions on dashboards, when you open the filter pane in the Timeline control, the filter pane almost covers the Timeline control and the user can't see the records. The workaround is to customize the dashboard and increase the height of the Timeline control.

  • In dashboards, if the Timeline control is too short, some filters won't be visible because the filter pane isn't scrollable.

  • In offline mode, Timeline control will not load any data. The user will see a message indicating that they are offline.

Field controls and mobile application in Unified Interface

  • Visual controls aren't fully functional.

  • Selecting a location card doesn't open the map in the native app of the device.

  • The Phone Call activity quick-create form isn't opened when the call action is initiated on the mobile app.

  • In text controls, long strings don’t get wrapped in read mode.

  • Unable to add an unresolved email ID to a party list.

  • The Lookup most recently used list doesn't take into account the lookup view.

  • Can’t enable web resources for offline through an imported solution.

  • For related grids, command flyouts don't open in See More mode.

  • Entities that haven't been enabled for Unified Interface appear in multiple-entity grids (for example, the Activity grid).

  • Device settings aren't preserved across app restarts for an online org with no cache.

  • Cache mode doesn't work in disconnected mode.

Grids and lists in Unified Interface

  • In grids, when viewing records available from the second to Nth page, any command bar action performed will take you back to the first page of the grid. The command bar action is successfully completed and there is no functional impact.

  • On tablets, in some languages, the index (character) filters might be displayed too close to each other. The workaround is to use the Search command to find records that begin with a certain character.

  • On tablets, resizing column width on grids can be harder because of the smaller dragging touch target. The workaround is to change the column width in the view definition if some columns need to be wider.

  • Grids in the mobile app don't retain the scroll position. If the user scrolls down the list, opens a record, and returns to the list, they will be at the beginning of the list rather than the position they were in when opening the record.

Multi-select option set in Unified Interface

  • The multi-select option set has known issues in Unified Interface.

  • The multi-select option set control always appears in edit mode.

  • The multi-select option set control drop-down arrow appears as a square box.

  • The control isn't aligned correctly on iOS devices.

  • The control UI isn't displayed correctly on Android 5.

Date time control in Unified Interface

The date time control in Unified Interface relies on browser support. It has known issues in browsers such as Internet Explorer 11 and Firefox. It also has localization and format issues.

Dynamics 365 App for Outlook

Dynamics 365 for Outlook

  • Microsoft has released Dynamics 365 for Outlook version 8.2.3 update. This update includes support for Transport Layer Security (TLS) 1.2, which is required for connecting Dynamics 365 for Outlook with Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement apps version 9.0. See Version 8.2.3 Update for Dynamics 365 for Outlook.

  • In offline mode, adding an attachment to a Note in Dynamics 365 for Outlook might show the message “Microsoft Dynamics 365 has encountered an error.” A workaround for this issue is to dismiss the notification and upload the attachment.

Inactivity timeout

  • Inactivity timeout isn't enforced in the following clients:

    • Outlook

    • Dynamics 365 for tablets

    • Dynamics 365 for phones

    • Unified Interface

    • Live Assist (Chat)

  • Portal capabilities for Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement has its own session and inactivity timeout settings that are independent of the timeout settings in System Settings. This is by design.

Business process flows

Action Steps

This feature is in Public Preview and can be activated under System Settings. When activated, users should observe the following behaviors:

  • Action steps within business process flows cannot use process actions that contain any of the following:

    • Any input or output arguments of the type Entity, EntityCollection, or Option Set (picklist).

    • More than one output argument of the type EntityReference.

    • Any input arguments of the type EntityReference.

  • Action steps on business process flows cannot be exported or imported as part of a solution.

  • When configured with an on-demand (real-time) workflow and called from the mobile Unified Interface, an action step on a business process flow will cause an error message and won't complete the operation successfully.

Business process entity customization

This feature is in Public Preview and can be activated under System Settings. When activated, users should observe the following behavior:

  • When a new business process definition is added to an application through the app designer, the corresponding business process entity is also added to the site map if the primary data entity for that business process is already on the site map.

Web client visual refresh

  • Because the font size for list and grid views has been slightly increased, column data might be constrained, depending on the data you have. We are considering whether to increase column widths or decrease font size in a later release.

  • Some empty areas can occasionally be seen on certain forms, for example a marketing list. Select Ctrl+F5 to remove these.

  • Empty subgrids show a message with the entity schema name instead of the display name.

  • Star symbols for fields secured via field-level security, might be incorrectly positioned in certain cases, for example in a multi-select option set field that has been secured by field-level security.

  • The mandatory field indicator in some bulk edit forms might be positioned incorrectly.

  • Sort and filter icons are incorrectly positioned on the activity wall on iPads.

  • The calculator icon might be incorrectly positioned in certain rollup fields and calculated fields.

  • Gray shading on the web client forms:

    • Doesn't appear on a new form in create mode.

    • Doesn't change dynamically when the height of a field or component changes and might leave an empty space. However, this empty space will disappear on refresh.

Important note for Field Service or Project Service Automation organizations that update to Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement version 9.0, or later

When you update to version 9.0, or later, you must also update the Project Service Automation and Field Service solutions. After updating to version 9.0, or later, go to the Dynamics 365 Administration Center, Manage Solutions page to update the preferred solution.

Mobile Offline

We’re working to improve mobile offline capabilities in Dynamics 365 for phones and tablets for release in the second quarter of 2019, and are currently onboarding only a limited set of new customers. When a preview program opens for mobile offline capabilities in Dynamics 365 for phones and tablets, we’ll let customers know. Existing customers who are already using mobile offline capabilities are not affected.

Note: The mobile app for Dynamics 365 for Field Service continues to support mobile offline capabilities for existing and new customers.

Unified Service Desk

  • The next version of Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement (on-premises) release will support only Unified Service Desk 4.0 and later versions. If you are using Unified Service Desk 3.3, then the next version of Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement (on-premises) will not be supported.

  • Download and update your Unified Service Desk to the latest version.

    If you want to continue to use versions of Unified Service Desk earlier than 3.1, you will need to update the client desktop’s registry entries. Read the Dynamics CRM Unified Service Desk blog for information about the Unified Service Desk and TLS 1.2 mandate to update these registry entries.

  • The following features are in preview:

    • Unified Service Desk Administrator app
    • Unified Interface Settings
    • Stack notification in Unified Service Desk
    • Effective session switch management

    To learn more about the features, see the Unified Service Desk Guide.

  • Interactive Service Hub: With the Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement apps version 9.0 release, Interactive Service Hub has been rebuilt as a Unified Interface app and is called Customer Service Hub. This implies that support for the Interactive Service Hub in Unified Service Desk is available only if you are running Dynamics 365, version 8.2 or an earlier supported version of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. You can integrate with Customer Service Hub in Unified Service Desk in the same way as any other Unified Interface app.

    More information: Support for Unified Interface Apps in Unified Service Desk

  • Relationship Insights: Although you can view information from the relationship assistant in the Unified Service Desk client, you cannot interact with the information in the client.

    More information: Embedded intelligence

  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales: This is not supported.

  • Multi-select option sets: Although multi-select option sets display fine when hosted in Unified Service Desk (using CRM Page type of hosted control), you cannot change selections in multi-select option sets using the Unified Service Desk APIs.

  • URL addressability in business apps: Business apps (app modules) use the appid value in the URLs to refer to resources displayed in an app. For example: https://.crm.dynamics.com/main.aspx?appid=b0f40cd2-22a6-e711-a94e-000d3a1a7a9b&pagetype=entitylist&etn=bookableresourcebooking Unified Service Desk has added support for the usage of appid values in URLs to refer to a resource from version 4.0.

    More information: Design custom business apps by using the app designer

Third-party notice

Third-party notice