Troubleshooting unsupported data source for refresh

You may see an error when trying to configured a dataset for scheduled refresh.

You cannot schedule refresh for this dataset because it gets data from sources that currently don’t support refresh.

This happens when the data source you used, within Power BI Desktop, isn’t supported for refresh. You will need to find the data source that you are using and compare that against the list of supported data sources at Refresh data in Power BI.

Find the data source

If you aren’t sure what data source was used, you can find that using the following steps within Power BI Desktop.

  1. In Power BI Desktop, make sure you are on the Report pane.
    Desktop report pane
  2. Select Transform data from the ribbon bar.
    Edit queries
  3. Select Advanced Editor.
    Advance editor
  4. Make note of the provider listed for the source. In this example, the provider is ActiveDirectory.
    Data source provider
  5. Compare the provider with the list of supported data sources found in Power BI data sources.


For refresh issues related to dynamic data sources, including data sources that include hand-authored queries, see refresh and dynamic data sources.

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