MSN Explorer: About Microsoft Phishing Filter

Microsoft Phishing Filter warns against and helps block websites that may use a phishing scam to try to steal your personal data. When active, Phishing Filter scans web pages that you visit and checks to see whether they're suspicious or have been reported as phishing websites.

When Phishing Filter is turned on, it uses two methods to help protect you against phishing scams:

  • It compares the address of the website you're browsing against a list of websites that are reported to Microsoft as legitimate. This list is stored on your computer.

  • It automatically compares the website address against a frequently updated list on the Microsoft servers of reported phishing websites. Phishing Filter sends website addresses to Microsoft when Phishing Filter is turned on.

When Phishing Filter detects a phishing website, the address bar changes color, and the BlockedThis is a reported phishing website page is displayed. This means that the website has been reported to Microsoft as a fraudulent or phishing website. Read the instructions on the page to determine what to do next.

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