MSN Explorer: About managing message size

For the primary member account, e-mail messages can't be larger than 20 megabytes (MB), including all attachments. For all other member accounts, the maximum size is 10 MB. When you create large messages (200 KB or larger), a size meter appears in the message window to show the size of your message.

Use these tips to help you manage message size:

  • Try MSN Photo E-Mail: Send your pictures using MSN Photo E-Mail. MSN Photo E-Mail minimizes the message size but still allows recipients to see and download your pictures.

  • Try picture layouts: When you insert multiple pictures, insert them with a picture layout, rather than individually. Picture layouts arrange the pictures in your message and reduce the overall message size. However, inserted pictures are still often significantly larger than attached files.

  • Limit the number of attached files: To send multiple files, put them in two or more messages.

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