MSN Explorer: About contacts

Contacts are people whose e-mail addresses, phone numbers, and other information you want to keep in your address book. Your address book is stored on MSN servers so that you can access your contact list in Windows Live Hotmail from anywhere that you have Internet access.

Use the following guidelines when adding contacts to your address book.

  • You must assign a Quickname to each contact you add to your address book.

  • The first and last name for a contact can each be up to 40 characters long.


  • You must be signed in to Windows Live Messenger to add or change information for a Windows Live Messenger contact in your address book.

  • If you're offline when you add a new contact or edit existing contact information, the online version of your address book is updated automatically the next time you sign in.

  • Contact information is available online, offline, and from within Windows Live Hotmail.

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