MSN Explorer: Set the junk e-mail filter level

To set the level of filtering that you want the junk e-mail filter to use when your e-mail is delivered:

  1. Click the Help & Settings menu, and then click Settings.

  2. In the left pane, click E-mail.

  3. Click Junk E-Mail Guard.

  4. Click Junk e-mail filter.

  5. Select the junk e-mail filter level that you want to use.

  6. Click Save Changes.


Messages more than seven days old are automatically deleted from the Junk E-Mail folder.

If you access your MSN Mail through Windows Live Hotmail, you can delete junk e-mail immediately, rather than after seven days. When you use this feature in Windows Live Hotmail, junk e-mail is also automatically deleted in MSN Mail. To change this setting, sign in to the Windows Live Hotmail website, and open the Options page.

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