MSN Explorer: Find search words in search results using Highlight and Highlight Viewer

Highlight Viewer helps you locate search terms on search results pages and on web pages.

Find search results with the Highlight Viewer

  1. Type the words that you want to search for in the address bar or in a search box, and then click the Go button Go button.

    The Highlight Viewer shows the search words as colored boxes.

  2. Click one of the highlighted search words to go to that location on the page.

Change Highlight and Highlight Viewer options

Next to the address bar, click the Highlight button Highlight button, and then select one of the following options:

  • Turn Highlight off: Highlights search terms when searching the Web or a single website (Highlight is on by default).

  • Show Highlight Viewer: Shows the Highlight Viewer when searching.

  • Auto Highlight Viewer: Automatically shows the Highlight Viewer when searching the Web or a single website. The Highlight Viewer option is selected by default.

Scroll search results page and Highlight Viewer at the same time

To quickly scroll the search results page from within the Highlight Viewer:

Click and drag the Highlight Viewer box up or down.

- Or -

Double-click inside the Highlight Viewer box, and then move the mouse pointer around inside the box, without holding down the mouse button.


To clear the Highlight Viewer's history, sign out of MSN, and then sign in again.

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