MSN Explorer: Problems with Highlight Viewer

If you're having problems with or can't see the Highlight Viewer:

Make sure that Highlight and Highlight Viewer are turned on

  1. Next to the address bar, click the Highlight button Highlight button.

  2. If the first menu option says Turn Highlight on, click it to turn on Highlight and to show the Highlight Viewer. If it says Turn Highlight off, Highlight is turned on, and the Highlight Viewer will show.

Check which feature of MSN you're using

Highlight can't search within MSN Mail, Windows Live Calendar, MSN Address Book, or the Status and Support pages. If you're using one of these features, Highlight Viewer doesn't appear.

Make sure that you aren't viewing a PDF file

Highlight and Highlight Viewer don't work within PDF files.

Make sure that the website isn't using frames

Highlight can't search within framesets. If the website that you're searching has a frameset with more than one frame, the Highlight Viewer won't appear.

Allow extra time for searches with many results or large websites

Large websites or long lists of search results may take longer to search, so the Highlight Viewer may not appear right away. Wait until the page has fully loaded, and Highlight Viewer should appear.

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