MSN Explorer: View or change your security settings

Security settings specify how your computer handles potentially risky files, programs, or downloads. You have control over a large list of file types, including script files and plug-ins. For each of these file types, MSN can disable or enable the file, or prompt you for approval before proceeding, according to the security settings you select.

  1. Click the Help & Settings menu, and then click Settings.

  2. In the left pane, click Privacy & security.

  3. Click Online security, and then click Change your security settings.

  4. Click the zone that you want to set the security level for.

  5. Under Security level for this zone, click Default Level to use the default security level for the zone.

    - Or -

    Click Custom Level, and then select the settings you want.

  6. Click OK.


MSN may not work as expected if the setting is higher than Medium (the default setting).

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