MSN Explorer: Watch videos on the dashboard

The Video dashboard part lets you watch video clips from Bing Video in the dashboard.

  1. Add the Video part to the dashboard if you haven't already done so. For more information, see MSN Explorer: Add or remove a part from the dashboard.

  2. In the Video part on the dashboard, do one or more of the following:

    • To play the current video, or to resume play after pausing, click the play button Play.

    • To pause, click the pause button Pause.

    • To mute or unmute the sound, click the volume button Mute.

    • To adjust the volume, use the volume slider.

    • To view the video on your full screen, or to exit full screen mode, click the full screen mode button Fullscreen.

    • To find more videos, click Video. A flyout window opens with options allowing you to browse videos by category, search for videos, and reorganize how videos are displayed in the flyout window. To open a video on the dashboard, click the video's thumbnail image in the flyout window.

    • To open the Bing Video website, click Video, and then, in the flyout window, click View more videos.


  • If you add the Video part but don't see it on the dashboard, look at the bottom of the dashboard. An icon appears for each part that won't fit on the dashboard. Right-click the icon, and then click Move Video Up until the video player appears on the dashboard.

  • If you don't have Adobe Flash Player installed on your computer and you try to use the Video part, you're prompted to install Adobe Flash Player first.

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