MSN Explorer: Share photos by e-mail

You can use MSN Photo E-Mail to create a miniature photo album in an e-mail message. Your photos can be stored online (Connected to a network, Internet service provider [ISP], or the Internet, or signed in to an instant-messaging service.) or sent within the e-mail message.

When you store photos online, thumbnails of the photos are included in the e-mail message. The full-size photos are uploaded to the MSN servers. The recipients can use any e-mail program to view the thumbnails in an e-mail message, download the full-size photos, and view a slide show of the photos.

You can also insert photos inline in an e-mail message. This is quicker than creating a photo album but it has fewer formatting options.

Insert photos in a photo album

  1. In the body of your message, click where you want to insert a photo.

  2. Click Share Photos.

  3. Select the photos that you want, and then click OK.

  4. To store your photos online, under Photo E-mail, select the Share high-quality pictures online check box.

  5. Under Picture Layout Tasks, select the layout options that you want.

    Click and drag a picture to move it from one position in the layout to another.

Insert photos inline

  1. On the navigation bar, point to Mail & More, click the arrow, and then click Write a Message.

  2. Click Attach File.

  3. In the Choose how to insert picture area, click Insert into message, and then browse to the picture that you want.

  4. Select the pictures that you want, and then click OK.


  • When you insert high-quality versions of photos in an e-mail message, MSN automatically compresses and resizes them. However, even compressed photos can take a long time to download.

  • Compressing photos can reduce photo quality and make the photos less suitable for printing.

  • If your message is too large to send, MSN asks you to remove one or more files.

  • To select multiple pictures, hold down the CTRL key and click each picture.

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