MSN Explorer: About passwords

A password is a secret combination of letters and numbers that restricts access to an account.

A strong, secret password is an important part of online safety. Use these guidelines to help create your password:

  • Choose a password that's at least six characters long. Your password can contain any combination of numbers and letters, but it can't include spaces or symbols.

  • Use a random combination of letters and numbers. Passwords are case sensitive.

  • Never use a password that's easy to guess, such as your birth date or child's name.

  • Don't include your e-mail address, your first name, or your last name in your password.

  • Never write your password on paper. Instead, use a password that's easy for you to remember.

  • Never send your password by e-mail or in an instant message.

  • Change your password every few months.

For more information, go to the Microsoft security website.

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