MSN Explorer: Write a message

To write and send an e-mail message:

  1. On the navigation bar, point to Mail & More, click the arrow, and then click Write a Message.

  2. In the To box, type the recipient's address.

    - Or -

    If the recipient is already in your address book, select the check box next to the recipient's name in the All Contacts list.

  3. Complete the e-mail message, and then click Send Message.


  • To send a copy of the message to someone, type their e-mail address in the Cc box. To send a copy of the message to someone without anyone else knowing, click More, and then click Show Bcc. In the Bcc box, type the addresses of people you want to send a copy of the message to.

  • If you're offline when you send your message, the message is moved to your Outbox and sent the next time you go online.

  • You can send e-mail to a maximum of 300 e-mail addresses at one time. As you develop a reputation for not sending junk e-mail, we increase the number of recipients that you can send messages to.

  • Separate multiple addresses with semicolons (for example, ";").

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